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Zurich – Home sofa (21 ноября 2007)

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Zurich – Home sofa
I woke up this “morning” at 3 PM on my new sofa they had brought to my new flat while I was away. My head was still hurting after the party in Zurich we had after the last show in Central Europe. I had to drive to the record company to get some paper work done and as I started my car and drove out of the garage, I realized I must change my winter tires on. It’s minus degrees and I couldn’t live with crashing my car because of the slippery roads…

So the tour is over for now. Well, we have 2 more shows here in my country but the 2-month trip and living together with the band and the production is behind now.

The show in Zurich was just amazing. Super. And of course there was this extra charge in the batteries when every one on stage and behind it knew there would be a few weeks off after it. And my mom and my dear sister were there and they were in my thoughts most in a funny way even if I trid to avoid it ;=) Our promoter had booked this private club for us with all the food and drinks and to be honest, it was also one of the coolest parties ever. We actually didn’t sleep at all before we had to leave the hotel to the airport. Sorry for everyone staying at our floor. There was a N.A.S.T.Y. after-after party at Riku’s room. Hopefully there was nobody on a honeymoon at the hotel. The noise sure would have destroyed all peaceful love plans.

The tour was the best 2 months in my life ever. When we started the whole trip in Stockholm, I was a bit nervous with all the folks traveling together and cold weather attacking my throat and all but it all went so well. I will miss our driver John and his two minded jokes and our humble German crew who made the stuff so great for us every night. Still the biggest thing that amazes me still is the audience we had every single night. I was wondering before the tour if there would be enough listeners performing in so many towns. The rooms were so full in every place and most of the shows were sold out. How great is that!

They say you get depressed after a tour like that at home if all goes well on the road. And I must admit I miss it all already. Luckily I have so much to do that it’s only in the darkness of the night when I have the time to think about it. We must finish the album of Killer Aspect together with the band and Jukka & Aku and all the other stuff from 2 months is undone in my studio room.

I must say we are the luckiest guys on the planet getting to be a part of a tour like that. I can never thank everyone enough clapping their hands and singing our songs every night. I can never express how great it feels.

We will have our brothers from Killer Aspect supporting us in the last shows in Finland and the tour finally ends in the 1st of December in Seinäjoki, Sami’s hometown. And in Helsinki the new great sounding Finnish Pop/Rock band Giant Leap warm up the crowd before the KA guys. I heard that the tickets have sold very well and I guess we will have two wonderful nights to end the whole year 2007 and the 169 shows we have played this year.

Thank you so much for the support, the very funny and amazing gifts and stuff and the moments together before and after the show. We will rock you soon again… ;=)

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