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Гитарист METALLICA Kirk Hammett поделился с Mojo, что он и фронтмен группы James Hetfield расплакались во время работы над совместным с Lou Reed’ом альбомом “Lulu”. Ниже приведен текст песни “Junior Dad”, а также её концертное исполнение Lou Reed’ом в 2009 году:
Would you come to me
If I was half drowning
An arm above the last wave
Would you come to me
Would you pull me up
Would the effort really hurt you
Is it unfair to ask you
To help pull me up
The window broke the silence of the matches
The smoke effortlessly floating
I’m all choked up
Pull me up
Would you be my lord and savior
Pull me up by the hair
Now would you kiss me on my lips
Burning fever burning on my forehead
The brain that once was listening
Now shoots out its tiresome message
Won’t you pull me up
Scalding my dead father has the motor
And he’s driving towards
An island of lost souls
Sunny – a monkey then to monkey
I will teach you meanness fear and blindness
No social redeeming kindness
Oh-or-state of grace
Would you pull me up
Would you drop the mental bullet
Would you pull me by the arm up
Would you still kiss my lips
Hiccup: the dream is over
Get the coffee: turn the lights on
Say hello to junior dad
The greatest disappointment
Age withered him and changed him
Into junior dad
Psychic savagery


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